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1981 GMC Truck for Sale - Sealed Bid Submission DUE BY March 11, 2024

1981 GMC Truck for Sale - Sealed Bid Submission

Bids must be received by March 11 for Opening at the 7:30 PM March 11 Board meeting.

3 / 4 Ton 4x4 truck with flat bed, unknown miles, Clear Title, 305 cubic inch Engine which runs, automatic transmission, 4x4 works, was in use until taken out of service in January.

Sold As Is, As seen, no delivery, must pick up. Name must be removed from door within 30 days of purchase.

Reserve is set at $1,500.00.

Submit bids to:

SFPD, c/o GMC Truck Sealed Bid, P.O. Box 278, Sedgewickville MO 63781 OR sealed envelope to a SFPD Board Member, Fire Chief Nelson Palmer or Assistant Chief Dana Craft

The board reserves the right to refuse any and all bids.

For more information or viewing of the truck contact: Fire Chief Nelson Palmer at 573-513-2846

Red GMC truck in front of the Sedgewickville Fire & Protection District building.
Interior of an old vehicle with red seats, a steering wheel, and dusty dashboard. Image rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.
A red fire department utility truck parked outside a building with garage doors.
Red fire and rescue truck outside a fire station with the name "Sedgewickville Fire & Rescue DIST."
A utility trailer parked on a gravel surface, image rotated counterclockwise, clear skies, and bare trees in the background.
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