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Guidelines for Submitting Public Records Requests

As permitted by the Sunshine Law (Chapter 610 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri), members of the public may review open district records and may request copies thereof. The Secretary shall review such requests, determine whether the requested records are open or closed, and respond accordingly. The Secretary shall follow the requirements of the Sunshine Law in maintaining District records, responding to requests for records, and assessing charges for the copying and production of the District’s open records. In doing so the Secretary shall log and maintain:

1.            The date, time, and content of any public request for records, including the name of the person requesting the file;

2.            The date, time, and content of the Secretary’s response to such a request;

3.            The date and time of any review, and the identity of any record reviewed.

All District records shall be maintained in secure file cabinets, and such cabinets shall only be accessible to the Secretary or to Directors and Members authorized for such access. Members, and members of the public, who request access to records shall not be allowed access to the secured cabinets. Only the Secretary or person so designated by the Board shall be permitted cabinet access. Members, and members of the public, who request access to District records shall be permitted such access to the extent authorized, and the Secretary or the Board shall designate such rules as they see fit to facilitate such access.


Board Secretary Cindy Mungle

Mail: P.O. Box 278, Sedgewickville, MO 63781

Phone: 573-275-0102


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