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Lynzie McCrackin_7122

Position: Junior Firefighter 
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 278, Sedgewickville, MO 63781

Lynzie joined us February 13, 2024.  

We asked the Junior Firefighters to provide a written statement as to why they joined the department and their goals. 

From Lynzie: "I joined because, joining the fire department can be a really meaningful and rewarding experience. It allows you to serve your community, help others in need, and make a positive impact. Plus, it's a great opportunity to develop valuable skills, like teamwork and problem solving. Overall, being part of the fire department is a noble and courageous choice! I also joined because when I babysit my siblings I'd like to know how to react when something happens and be able to help while the fire department is on their way.  My goals after getting my GED is becoming an underwater welder, my goals for the fire department is too learn new things that could always come in handy one day."

Lynzie McCrackin


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