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National Volunteer Week April 21-27

It’s National Volunteer Week, and SFPD extends our thanks to all of the volunteer firefighters, EMS providers, rescue workers, and support personnel who make our communities better every day. From our house to yours, THANK YOU!

This is a great week to recognize the work of the volunteers.

We are blessed and thankful for the team we have here at SFPD.  We also want to take this time to thank our Volunteer’s significant others for their understanding of the time spent away from the family. 

It’s not what stands in front of us, it is who stands beside you.  THANK YOU to:

And recently joined Lynn Manche. 

Interested in giving back to your community, reach out to your local Fire Department via Facebook, Websites, etc.  Join them for a meeting night to see what it is all about.

Ready to Volunteer-Join US!! - Sedgewickville Fire Protection District (

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